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Our Vision
The mobile revolution is very much in its infancy and having the potential to surpass the rise of personal computers and reinvent the internet itself, is one of the most transformative advancements of our generation.

Smartphones will define how brands of the future hit the consumer moving target and determine how consumers choose to connect with these brands. Mobile marketing has also evolved. The traditional spamming and bombardment of non-relevant information has been rightfully replaced by strategic identification of consumer needs; creating an ecosystem which is non-intrusive, fun and mutually beneficial for both the consumer and the brands.

craysay  positions itself at the forefront of producing innovative technology solutions by bridging consumers and brands together in a fun, cool and hip way. By ‘auto-magically’ connecting people with their favorite brands, craysay  is reinventing branding, marketing, and the way it all connects to you.

While streamlining social and promotional interactions between brands and users, craysay also gives real time measurable metrics to brands to help ensure relevance of their posts and promotions.

Our Story
craysay  was founded in 2013, by a small group of passionate individuals (all a lil “craysay”  in their own ways) in Boise, Idaho who decided to build a company which would re-define how people connect with their favorite brands and small businesses.

We presented the idea at a startup competition and ended up walking out with the seed funding to start building an awesome company. Today, we are focused on building an innovative smartphone app which leverages social media, creates loyalty through rewards for using and sharing and gamifies deals and discounts, to intuitively connect brands and the consumers who love them most.

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Brands: We are looking for brands who want to understand how their social media is being consumed and want a new way to reach target customers socially with targeted promotion. Please email us at if you are interested in being an initial partner for our beta launch.

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